Agistri Island

Why Choose It?

Being less than an hour away from Athens, Agistri island is one of the popular Greek islands for weekend getaways from the country's capital. Agistri belongs to the Saronic group of islands, along with Poros, Aegina, Spetses, and Hydra. Its relatively close distance to these islands, makes it a perfect base for island hopping between the Saronic islands. Thanks to its extraordinary natural setting and the mesmerizing Agistri beaches, Agistri island Greece is a popular destination for Athenians and foreign tourists that want to explore the 98% green island. You can find hotels to restaurants, taverns, and organized beaches. Moving from Skala to Meaglochori, where agistri picture from above at Skala village one of the island's port is also located, you'll come across the best Agistri beaches, Aponissos and Dragonera. Backed by lush nature, they offer the perfect ambiance for relaxing days at the beach!

Agistri sits in the Saronic Gulf, close to the islands of Aegina and Poros 20km away from Pireaus port. Its proximity to Athens and the rest of the Saronic islands make Agistri an excellent destination for quick getaways, day trips and island hopping in Greece! Agistri beaches and the island's breathtaking natural landscape are the standouts of Agistri. Regarding Agistri beaches, they are known for their beautiful natural surroundings, exotic ambiance, and mesmerizing waters. Especially in Aponissos beach, you'll have the chance to swim in a huge natural pool! Equally beautiful are Skala beach and Dragonera beach, while Halikiada is a go-to beach for naturists. Along the coastal road of Agistri, you'll find a selection of restaurants, cafes, beach bars, and traditional taverns, where you can eat fresh fish and seafood, along with local delicacies. Agistri island is a little Aegean gem, ideal for getting away from it all for a few days!


Aponisos beach

One of the best things Agistri has is Aponissos, located on the west coast. To reach the place, you should follow the road through a village called Limenaria.The beach is located 8 km south west of Megalochori and the easiest way to get there is by our 50cc scooters or our fun to drive e-bikes. Those who are more athletic and would like a challenge are free to get there by our bikes as well. Aponissos is a great place for swimming and has an incredible beach with crystal clean water surrounded by nature. These characteristics are really attractive for tourists with yachts as well. Aponisos beach aerial picture There is also a traditional tavern open during spring and summer months, where you can have a good time and enjoy the delightful view of the bay and its offshore islets.

Chalikiada beach

The pebbled beach of Chalikiada is near the settlement of Skliri and it is possible to access after going though a pinewood area. Fortunately, the variety of beaches offered on Agistri suits all types of needs. While the main beach at the town of Skala and the one at Megalochori are the most advisable for young children, Chalikiada offers more privacy. Chalkiada beach aerial picture This is due to the difficult access, since it requires climbing a cliff after you get reach skliri with our two-cycle vehicle. On the other hand, the fact of being reachable from Skala gives Chalikiada beach an extra benefit, since this settlement is mainly oriented to tourism, plenty of accommodation options and different facilities destined to fulfil the needs of the visitor.

Dragonera beach

Dragonera beach can be found approximately 3 km south west of Megalochori, on the west coast of Agistri. It is in the middle of the road that connects Megalochori to Limenaria. Dragonera still remains unspoiled except for the only canteen it counts on, and the several sun beds around the area. It usually does not get very crowded, and play nice chilled music. The same road then continues south uphill and downhill, after which a glade is found. Dragoner beach picture Thanks to this road, Dragonera beach extends over 205 yards, and can be reached by our two-cycle vehicles, and then by a short walk. Another good point for visiting this place is due to the positive features of this area. One of them is the beauty of the landscape, with the pine trees surrounding this part reach the shores, another one is the relaxation vibe that gives and is hard to find elsewhere.

Skala beach

The beach of Skala village is one of the most popular and well supplied beaches in Agistri. It is chosen by grown adults traveling alone as well as by families with children. It is found a couple of km from the village. picture of Skala beach In fact, it is ideal for families, since its shallow crystalline waters are a safe attracting feature. In addition, it is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, which also turns safe for children and very attractive for sunbathing. All these factors are good reasons for this beach to have a good variety of accommodation options and certain good facilities, in order to suit the demands of those who want to stay in this beautiful environment. Another good fact that can be taken advantage of during the visit to Skala beach, is the village it belongs to. Skala is rather aimed to tourism, and this is where the best concentration of bars, taverns and restaurants can be found. Unlike some other parts of the island, there are many first rate hotels, studios and rooms here. The tourist infrastructure of this place also counts on some small night clubs and bars, where music can be enjoyed until late night. Apart from all these facilities, there are a couple of good tour attractions very close to the beach; the white church of Agioi Anargyri, or in case of heading to the left area of Skala, a newly tourist area known as Skliri, with similar features. In the same direction, visitors discover a beautiful path through lots of pine trees leading to another great beach, Chalikiada, which is more suitable for those seeking for solitude.